Claire's Sweet Treats

Baked from scratch pies, cookies and the world's best buttertarts.

Cavaleiro farms

Organically grown vegetables including kale, chard, spinach, micro-greens, cucumbers, beans, and more.  Organically raised lamb and pork, compost tea and crafts.

Bruce Crossley

Delicious hand made and baked day of ciabatta bread.

Lukas King

Local honey and an assortment of vegetables, strawberries and raspberries.

Handmade by Lucy

Knitted items such as dish cloths, pot holders, coffee cozys and baby hats.

K2 Milling

Artisanal grains including sparrow spelt flour, stone ground wheat flour, oat falkes and more, all milled to preserve the taste and nutrition of the whole seed in the flour.

Handmade Crafts by Local Ladies

You never know what delights you will find hand crafted by these talented ladies.

Headacher Farms

Locally raised beef fed only organic grains and grasses.  Locally butchered and frozen, ready for you to enjoy.

Schomberg Community Farm

Produce from member gardeners, supplemented by local produce providers for variety, and raspberry leaf tea.